Saturday, 24 February 2018

AYPAD Team Benin Preparing Solutions!

AYPAD Team Benin at work!
AYPAD aims at bringing solutions to communities in Africa; our youth have the energy and the drive and if given a platform they can do amazing things. AYPAD provides support, platform, empowerment and resources to render the impossible, possible!
Support our efforts by volunteering, donating and sponsoring. Together we can make a real impact.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Let's Celebrate Our Superwomen

AYPAD believes in empowerment of women and in the positive impact that it will have in African communities. Women have an enviable stamina and are always on the move, they care for everyone in the household but they are not celebrated enough.
AYPAD advocates for a shared front line presence between men and women in governance, decision making and other leadership positions. Through empowerment, education and opportunities AYPAD aims to facilitate the next generation of gender balanced leaders and innovators.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Trees are life!

Trees are the reason why we breath and as such we should take care in ensuring they are planted constantly.
I found this interesting list of the benefits of trees on Tree People which resonates with the efforts of our AYPAD Uganda Team.
I hope after this list you will join our team in planting trees in your area!

  1. Trees combat climate change by absorbing excess carbon dioxide preventing its building up.
  2. Trees clean the air by absorbing odours and filtrating particulates on their leaves and bark.
  3. Trees provide oxygen.
  4. Trees cool the streets and cities by providing shade.
  5. Trees conserve energy by reducing need of conditioning ad fans if they surround your home.
  6. Trees save water by increasing atmospheric moisture and slows the water evaporation.
  7. Trees help preventing water pollution by preventing storm water from carrying pollutants to the ocean.When mulched they act as a sponge to filter water and recharge groundwater supplies.
  8. Trees help prevent soil erosion by holding soil in place.
  9. Trees shield children from ultra-violet rays which reduces the risk of skin cancer.
  10. Trees provide food from humans, bird and wildlife.
  11. Trees heal, they aid faster recovery by being exposed to them.
  12. Trees reduce violence by helping reducing level of fear.
  13. Trees mark the seasons, they tell us whenever the season changes.
  14. Trees create economic opportunities through fruit harvesting and selling as well as green waste management.
  15. Trees provide a space for human retreat.
  16. Trees bring diverse people together through community involvement in planting.
  17. Trees add unity by giving the community civic pride.
  18. Trees provide a home for wildlife.
  19. Trees muffle sound from streets, absorb dust  and reduce glare.
  20. Trees produce wood for fuel and craft.
  21. Trees increase property value for the beauty they add to the landscape.
  22. Trees increase business traffic by allowing the driver to look around instead of driving by.

Support the earth by planting a tree! We have given you 22 great reasons to do so.

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Congratulations to AYPAD Uganda Team for pushing forward with this endeavour of planting trees!

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